A poem for the snow(em)

Forecast: Six to Ten Inches
The snow’s falling again. (A lot!)
Am I pleased about this? (I’m not!)
If the power goes out
I will stomp and I’ll shout.
And I’ll wish we’d actually bought a propane heater the last time it snowed a foot.
And I’ll put on a few extra socks and huddle under the blankets.
Still, I’m pleased snow’s out there and I’m not.

Poppy just looked out the window and said, “Why is it still winter? Winter is too long a season.” And how.

Because I’m still 13 at heart

I have never seen “High School Musical,” but White House nearly has me convinced that I need to do so immediately.

Somehow, we ended up with Musical Mango Applesauce(!) cups in our pantry. The lids have trivia questions on them, such as:

  • What sport does Chad participate in at school that might help him caddy for Mrs. Evans?
  • What happens when the Wildcats are on the golf course after the talent show?
  • What summer job does Sharpay offer Kelsi?
  • Now, the lids also include the answers. So I have been somewhat spoiled. But it sounds positively magical. And there’s a character named Sharpay. How can I resist?

    So, have you seen it? Should I add it to my Netflix queue? (I know there are 14 sequels now, but I’m just talking about the first one.)