A scrambled, crabby mashup

I have a habit (good or bad — you be the judge) of browsing through people’s cookbooks when I visit. Picking up Amy’s copy of Rachael Ray’s 365 days cookbook from her bookshelf led us to a brilliant idea: We’d randomly choose one recipe from the book every week, cook it and blog the results. It would be a project! It would get us a book deal! And a movie, starring Alyson Hannigan as Amy and Scarlett Johansson as me! (And Rockford as himself, because he has a ScarJo crush!)

(To be fair to Amy, I just came up with the movie deal part. She’s less delusional than some people.)

Anyway, it was an awesome plan. But then Amy made the first recipe — page 141, a Crab Tortilla — and wasn’t entirely impressed. So we changed the rules a bit.

Our project (which I’m calling “Recipe Roulette” unless Amy tells me otherwise) isn’t going to be Rachael Ray-centered. We’ll take turns picking a recipe — sometimes it’ll be a random pick, sometimes calculated — and we’ll post about it every Monday. That’s pretty much the extent of the ground rules.

Oh, and about that Crab Tortilla.
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What I did on my summer vacation

Rockford and I just got back from visiting Amy and Joe in Chicago. It was a lovely, lovely time. I don’t get to spend nearly enough time with Amy. We ate at Frontera Grill, watched “Whatever Works” at a humid and vaguely stinky theater and “Bonnie and Clyde” in Amy and Joe’s perfectly temperate and not-at-all stinky living room, Rockford and Joe went to the new Tarantino movie while Amy and I watched the “Project Runway” premiere, we went bowling — I had two strikes! Unheard of! — and found a great used bookstore.

I highly recommend spending a weekend with Amy and Joe. They’re terrific hosts.