Sometime after Pete was born, I decided to actually put some effort into keeping the house clean. I made six to-do lists and put them in the front cover of one of those plastic-front notebooks, and I put the notebook in a cookbook stand on the kitchen counter, where I couldn’t miss it. And I did pretty well at crossing things off the list, for longer than I figured I would. But I’ve gotten a bit slack lately, and I’m thinking about revamping things and maybe even checking out the cult of the Flylady.

Do you have a cleaning to-do list? What’s on it, and how do you keep yourself motivated? If you don’t have a list, how do you tackle keeping the house clean?


My friend’s nephew is in a coma. He’s 6 years old.

He fell a few days ago and hit his head. The initial CAT scan showed that there wasn’t much damage. The results were comforting. When the doctors opened his head to release some of the fluid, though, they found that things were worse than the scan had suggested.

He’s being transfered early next week to a children’s hospital in a larger city. Please pray for him, for his doctors and for his family.