Road trip

Today, I’m packing. This evening, we’re loading up the car. Early tomorrow morning, we’re hitting the road. Then we’re driving 700 miles. With a nearly-3-year-old and a just-about-8-month-old.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

It’s not easy being mean

Poppy is crying right now, because she’s hungry but she doesn’t want gnocchi. She’s uncomfortable, but she isn’t starving. I know that, but it doesn’t make it any easier to see her so upset when I know a peanut butter sandwich would “fix” the problem.

I was surprised that she was so vehemently opposed to trying the gnocchi, because she helped me make it. So she knew there wasn’t anything terrible in it. Like green peas.

Speaking of which …

Poppy did give last night’s samosas a try. The first bite she took was all green peas. It was also the last bite she took. The important thing to me, though, is that she actually tried it. I was proud of her.

An end to the catering. I hope.

Menu Plan Monday logoYou know those parents who make their kids their own, separate meals for dinner? That was one of the many, many things Rockford and I swore we’d never do once we had kids.

(You know what’s coming, right?)

We’ve developed the habit of making Poppy a peanut butter sandwich or pancake or something else we know she’ll eat for dinner. It makes things easier in that moment, but I know we aren’t doing her any favors by catering to her like that.

So this week I’m trying to make things that I think she’ll enjoy if she’ll try them. And if she won’t eat what’s on her plate? She won’t have dinner. Wish me luck. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long week.

Monday: Samosas and rice. I haven’t tried samosas before. This recipe uses mashed potatoes, which Poppy loves. It also includes green peas, though. We shall see. If nothing else, I know Pi will eat rice.

Tuesday: Ricotta gnocchi. This is also a new recipe for us, but it’s mostly cheese. And cheese is always popular around here. I think we ought to be OK on this one.

Wednesday: Sweet and sour chicken and rice. Again, rice is on Poppy’s will-eat list. So she won’t be going entirely hungry if she doesn’t try the chicken.

Thursday: Bean quesadillas. Poppy loves cheese quesadillas. I’m going to puree the beans and put a very thin layer in her dinner.

Friday: Spaghetti. This is a “usually” dish. She hasn’t had it with sauce before, though.