Meeska mooska stupid mice

It may be time to concede that we have not a mouse problem but mice trouble.

I cleared out the floor of our bedroom closet to vacuum yesterday (with my new vacuum cleaner! I can’t get enough of it! I’ve been a vacuuming fool!), and I discovered their portal. The mouse guy the apartment complex sent over last week figured they had just sauntered in the front door, which was hung askew and had a giant gap under one said. Au contraire, mouse guy. The little pests ate their way through the wall.

The mouse guy had left some glue traps (which have yet to trap anything) around the kitchen and pantry, so I moved one into the closet, right in front of the hole. But it appears that our mice have their very own set of Mousekatools. The glue trap had been pushed aside when I checked it this morning, and there were fresh mousekadroppings leading away from the hole. (At least I’ll get to vacuum again, eh?)

We're trespassing hooligans

Poppy and I went for a very long walk today around a lake near our house. When we finally got back to the car, I learned that (a) the trail around the lake is about 2 and a quarter miles long and (b) we weren’t supposed to be there. The lake and the trail are, apparently, private property, and you’re only supposed to use them if you’re a resident of Fancy Pants Acres, the million-dollar subdivision next to our humble apartment complex. The girl who told me this said she didn’t really care, but “someone” might ask for our “rec pass” if they suspect we don’t belong.

Regardless, it was a beautiful day and a lovely walk. I’m wiped out, though. I had no idea the trail was that long, hilly and bumpy.

Everything's going my way

I had to return the license plate for Rockford’s old car today, and I initially went to the wrong place (the DMV rather than the license plate office). One of the employees saw me standing there with the plate and a restless toddler, and she told me I had the wrong place before I waited to get to the front of the endless line! Hooray for that lady!

Then it turned out that the license plate office was only two stoplights away, in the direction of home! Hooray for proximity!

And when I got to the office, there was only one other person in line! Hot dog!

I also needed a replacement registration card for the van, because the original has disappeared. I asked what I needed to do to get said replacement, and the lady said, “I can print that for you right now!” And then? She didn’t charge me a dime for it.

I think today must be Great Customer Service Day in the state government world.

As if that dreamy experience wasn’t enough, here are a couple other lovely things about today:

  • Poppy has asked to go potty three times today, and she’s actually gone twice! She seems to have discovered that the promise of pee-pee is enough to get Mommy to postpone her nap a few minutes.
  • Kmart’s giving away free candy!

    I hope you’re having an awesome day, too.