Walk on the wild side

View large to spot all the turtles.
There are 10 in this shot by my count!
Originally uploaded by nichole_e.

Poppy and I counted 15 turtles in the river when we went for a walk this afternoon! They were lounging all over the place. A few of them were balancing solo on very small rocks, but most of them were in clusters on the bigger rocks.

We also saw one snake (ew) and one beaver. Or maybe it was a muskrat. I’m not sure.

Whatever it was, I certainly won’t be taking a dip in the river any time soon. I don’t care how hot it gets this summer. I don’t share my swimmin’ hole with snakes.

It's Flickr Friday!

Favorites, 3/23

1. Tree Time 365 Day 61. How’d she get up there?

2. The Last Nine. Dyxie always has great, colorful backgrounds. The 9-day montage shows them off very nicely.

3. Where are you going?. I like this sort of found “art.”

4. A model bridge. I love fake model photography.

5. Bow Lines on Blue. This one confused me for a minute. It’s so nearly perfect.

6. castor. Awesome cat picture.

7. The First Date. Peeps are funny.

8. Day One Hundred Sixty: American Family. Wonderful sense of warmth. Elladog is so good at capturing these moments.

9. Day One Hundred Sixty-One: He Loves Me. Elladog again. Love the crinkly-eyed smile and the colors here.