I ate a banana. Ugh.

Things were going swimmingly until dinnertime, and then we ate out rather than having our omelets as scheduled. I still had some Flex Points left, though, so all is well. So far.

Breakfast … 2
Banana … 2

Lunch … 7.5
Amy’s Southwestern burrito … 6
2 tbl sour cream … 1.5

Snack … 3
10 chocolate animal cookies … 3

Dinner … 16
cheeseburger … 11
10 French fries … 5

4.5 Points over

. . . . . the end . . . . .

My little gymnast

I signed Poppy up for a free-trial class at The Little Gym. After much wailing gnashing of teeth (on my part; Poppy was a peaceful little passenger) when I thought I’d gotten lost but I had really just been impatient and thought I’d gone too far and turned around right across the road from the place (ha!), we got there with about 15 seconds to spare before the “Beasties” class started.

I was disappointed that the instructor spun nary a Beastie Boys record, but Poppy had a blast regardless. As the words, “You can hold her if she’s not ready to participate” left the instructor’s mouth, Poppy let go of my hand and rushed over to join the horde of children running in circles around the mommies, the daddy and the nannies in attendance. That’s right. There were nannies! This might be too posh for me. There were also children named SpencerAnna and Arcadia. Of course, with a Poppy running around the house, who am I to talk?

I haven’t decided yet whether we’re going to sign up for regular classes. But Poppy did love it, and she ate a huge lunch (including sweet potatoes!) and is now taking a monster nap.

. . . . . the end . . . . .

On the right track

I didn’t get a chance to finish my orange this morning, and I was starving by the time lunch rolled around. Overall, though, it was a much better day than yesterday. I haven’t actually had dessert yet, but I’m going to! By golly!

Rachael Ray’s Vegetable Red Curry was good, easy and filling, but it was hot. I’ll make it again, but I’ll cut down on the red curry paste next time.

Breakfast … 0.5
Half an orange … 0.5

Lunch … 7.5
Amy’s Southwestern burrito … 6
2 tbl sour cream … 1.5

Snack … 2.5
2 tbl peanuts … 2.5

Dinner … 7
Vegetable Red Curry … 4
3/4 cup brown rice … 3

Dessert … 4.5
1/2 cup vanilla frozen yogurt … 4
1 cup strawberries … 0.5

2 Points to spare!

. . . . . the end . . . . .