Choose your own adventure

Several people have asked why we so abruptly changed our plans. There were many reasons, and I really don’t want to go into great detail here. So I’ll let you pick your favorite reason, and we’ll move on from there.

We left the Netherlands because:
a) We felt that we should be closer to our family.
b) Nichole landed a spot on “Rock Star: Whitesnake.”
c) Poppy developed an irrational fear of bicycles.
d) We wanted to experience dual unemployment.



After much running around and nearly getting into a fistfight with the baggage claim girl (I may have raised my voice a little. I’m not proud. But I did get my bag back.) and a tour of the Island of Lost Bags, we came back to the hotel room and started calling US Airways again. And then our message light came on the room phone. And I called, and she said “Schipol just called. They found your bag, and they’re bringing it over.”

I didn’t believe it.

And then it was here.

And there was much rejoicing.

And tomorrow, we have to give all of our bags back to the airline.