Tasty cakes

I’m going to make some Ginger Cupcakes for Rockford sometime, but first I’ll need the “cupcake container of the future” to store them in.

I found the cupcake recipe (and quite a few others on my “to make” list) on the 101 Cookbooks site. The Web site is run by a woman who is working her way through her own cookbook collection rather than buying new ones. A novel idea, huh? I should try that myself.


I finished reading “Gilead on Thursday. Marilynne Robinson is a beautiful writer. “Gilead” would be the ideal book for a lazy summer afternoon spent in a hammock — it’s certainly not an action-packed romp. One phrase that struck me particularly:

I’m writing this in part to tell you that if you ever wonder what you’ve done in your life, and everyone does wonder sooner or later, you have been God’s grace to me, a miracle, something more than a miracle.”

One-week retrospective

We’re having a nice, quiet Sunday afternoon. Rockford and Poppy are watching golf, and I think I’m going to finish watching “Junebug” in a bit. I’ve watched the first 44 minutes, and I haven’t decided yet whether I like it.

Poppy had her first bowl of oatmeal today. She liked it (even though it wasn’t made Grandpa-style). She tried peaches yesterday and, from what I understand, wasn’t a fan. So far she prefers peas and carrots to apples and peaches. Who is this kid?

Oatmeal, Grandpa-style
Bowl of oatmeal
1 pint half and half
1 cup Splenda
3 cups raisins

Stir half pint of half and half into oatmeal with raisins and Splenda. Eat slowly. Add additional half and half with each bite.